Hey, I am Andrey, and it is my personal website. I have created it because I know that world just can't live without knowing everything about me.
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Slapping keyboard until something good happens.

Previously software developer, now more of a product guy. I am interested in making something people want. Initially getting into Bitcoin as a core developer of Lightning Network Bitcoin Daemon at Lightning Labs I later transitioned working on couple of own products, though was guilty to be more attached to technology, rather than a problem of end users.
Current focus
Currently looking for to be part of new team and product with environment of transparency, openness, healthy disagreement. Taking active role in decision making process regarding future direction of a product and having responsibility ownership in its key parts is utterly important for my sanity. Also I am reading books about biology of the cell, and researching biotech startups.
Current interests
Startups, products, personal growth, tinkering, programming, hacking, engineering, open-source, bioengineering, cloud labs, neural engineering, living electrodes, snowboarding, psychology, standup comedy.

My interests regarding future work have recently changed. Go to content I am consuming section.
Interesting projects I was part of
  • Co-founded bitlum.io Lightning Network wallet and tested multiple hypothesises regarding potential needs of fast Bitcoin payments.
  • Founded zigzag.io exchange mainly for supporting Lightning Network ecosystem, which had average $30k / monthly volume.
  • Helped develop and maintain subsystems for peer-to-peer payment propagation and peer-to-peer node discovery of Lightning Network Daemon.
  • I have built Ethereum network crawler for checking simplest node vulnerabilities related to open port with proper remote control rights.
  • Proof of the concept Bitcoin exchange, which later transitioned to first version of zigzag.io.
  • Created and maintained local club devoted to technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, which has grown up to 1k people with events up to 30 people.
  • While at T-Platforms built frugen - FRU (Field Replaceble Unit) information storage generator.
  • Built simple feature extract and selection algorithms using MATLAB for reduction of EEG data using regression.
  • Participated at CTFs as part of university team mostly focusing on pwn, and reverse engineering tasks.
  • Proof of the concept gaming framework for 2D games using Objective-C and OpenGL ES 2.0, and simple Asteroid game.
  • While at university I have managed internal project where we have built proof of the concept version of the TripAdvisor.
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